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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB)

Location : Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB)
GPS coordinates : N2 16.357 E102 17.228

Today I gonna introduce to you the newest happening location at Melaka to hang out and have a good time. Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB) the place and it situated at the Melaka International Trade Centre which is the centre of the Melaka State government offices.

The place was the venue for International Bowling Competition 2009 and gonna be the venue for the Sukma games 2010.

A big hall to cater any big international event.

The entrance of the bowling alley's.

If you are serious in bowling, this the place to get pro equipment like shoes and shining bowling balls.

Once you enter the place, you can see the spectator stands in the middle for any bowling competition.

State of the art facilities.

This is the reception area to register and get your bowling shoes.

The another weekend I went to Melaka was very happening as it was during the Sukma competition and the place was packed with people visiting and participating in the event.

The winners stand already in place for the victors. 

A short clip showing the Sukma event held at the venue.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kimtal B Kopitiam Style Restaurant IOI Boulevard Puchong

Location : Kimtal B Kopitiam Style Restaurant IOI Boulevard Puchong
GPS Coordinates : N3 02.788 E101 37.345

Today I gonna introduce yet another kopitiam new kid on the block Kimtal B. First impression you may think...Kimtal what? I totally cannot get the meaning of this restaurant name. Try to search some info from but under construction. So, never mind. The restaurant is nicely located at the corner of IOI Boulevard Puchong and is well decorated and eye catching.

Nice chairs to sit on and relax.

Since is the World Cup season, the big screen works as a giat magnet for fans to dine and watch the football match. I think this match is between Holland and Japan.

This is the so call Canai Bar. No alcohol but the addictive local delight roti canai as you may guess already.

This fried bihun quite tasty with the spicy belacan is a good combination.

Dry curry mee with the pinki air bandung.

A Tan (a.k.a STIMIX) order this 4 season mee. 4 types of mee available in a single plate. A good idea indeed.

I order this simple spagghetti dish. The taste not bad but no tobasco to add on to the flavour.

Many patrons excited with the match going on and may not care what they eat in their tummy. Final verdict, Kimtal B Kopitiam deserve me to come back for another try although the food a bit pricey but quite tasty. Give it a try and leave your comment. Thanks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naza Kia Forte Body Kit Review

Location : Naza World Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates : N3 05.970 E101 38.134

From my last review on this beautiful car, I decided to add on with the enhancement of the vehicle in the form of body kit. The only place I know can view the actual model with bodykit is the Naza World situated at Petaling Jaya. The body kit really not dissappoint me as it look lovely and extremely agressive on the Forte. 

The front bumper adopted a F1 look.

The rear look hot with the difusser look.

Dashboard look relatively easy to access.

The Kia logo appear on the steering wheel.

No comment on the engine but preferable you take the 2.0 version as the 1.6 seem to be a bit underpower. The verdict on this body kit is a must have on your Forte but it will cost you a price of Rm4,000+ with paint. No wonder you do not see many of these on the road.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MCMC Gagasan 1 Malaysia Launching For AMEC Members Cyberjaya

Location : Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Head Office Cyberjaya
GPS Coordinates : N2 55.311 E101 39.822

A sunny Saturday morning and the event for today is the 1 Malaysia launching by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia (MCMC) for its Association of Malaysian Express Carriers (AMEC). The MCMC Head Office at Cyberjaya looks amazing which situated not far from my favourite restaurant Saba Arab Cuisine restaurant and already pack with people when we arrived.

Very well decorated for the event.

Very relaxing place to work.

1 Malaysia.

All the participating company at the event. DHL, TNT, Citylink, GDex, and others.

The poslaju boys posing for a group photo.

A slide presentation at the main hall.

The Minister official transport.

Deputy Minister of Information Communication and Culture Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum.

The poslaju boys seem excited.

This superbike will lead the convoy to Putrajaya.

The paid full time mat rempit.

All the participants for the day had a group photo at the Perdana Putra at Putrajaya.

A group photo with the minister.

Good day to you sir.

A nice view from behind.

All the vehicles join up for a group photo also.

The convoy from Cyberjaya MCMC headoffice to Perdana Putra Putrajaya. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

1 Night @ Pasar Malam Alor Gajah

Location : Pasar Malam Alor Gajah
GPS Coordinates : N2 22.924 E102 12.664

Dataran Keris Alor Gajah. One of the landmark of this small town.

This community center where the locals held their important functions and activities.

The local food court. Seem quiet especially on pasar malam day.

The night market situated exactly at the Alor Gajah wet market.

Many varieties of food and neccessities available.

The satay smell nice.

Household pets also available at the night market.

There's no shopping mall or movie theatre at Alor Gajah, night market seem to be the place for the locals to hangout at night.

Fresh fish.

This row of old shophouses also lighten up at night. 

This tree nicely decorated with the colourful lights.

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