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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The New Mitsubishi ASX Review

Car : Mitsubishi ASX
Capacity : 2.0 litre
Price : RM139,980

Mitsubishi need some new injection for their passenger car section since the launch of the Proton Inspira and therefore the newly launched Mitsubishi ASX add up to the line of vehicles they have for sale in Malaysia. First impression, the ASX have the features of the lancer especially for the signature front grill.

The side view.

I like the interior with full black design. Very classy and of course very durable for long term use. 

Black nappa leather.

The finishing on the door control panel was tastefully done.

One thing not quite right with the ASX is the size of the rim. Seem too small for this kind of vehicle especially for Mitshubishi.


The pearl white with body kit is very tempting.

The sports edition come with chrome side signal light cover.

The sport edition rear view.

 In short, not much to talk about for the new ASX but it add an extra choice for the Malaysia consumer when buying a new car. The talk of the town now still the Proton Inspira with its very affordable pricing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Proton Inspira Review

Car : Proton Inspira 2.0GT
Price : Rm91,999 OTR

Excited to hear that Proton already launched their new Proton Inspira ( aka Mitsubishi Lancer copy ). I dropped by the Puchong Proton showroom and already there are mountain of people catching their sights at the hot new Proton Inspira. At first, I warmed up my excitment with a 1.8 CVT maroon colour Proton Inspira parking outside the showroom. My first impression was that the front bumper design not as agressive and appealing as the Lancer GT.

The rear not much difference from the Lancer.

The vehicle come with Continental ContiComfort 205/60R16. Looking at the size of the tyre, Proton going for comfort with this vehicle.

Inside the showroom is the 2.0GT version. It comes with leather seat, body kit and spoiler.

Almost identical with the lancer. Direct copycat.

The 2.0 aluminium MIVEC engine.  

Many buttons to play with.

 This photo demonstrate the Inspira boot space. Personally nothing to shout about as this more to a performance car than a family car.

One thing I will consider to modify is the front bumper to make it more agressive look.

Sample of body kit for your consideration. 

A must change for the car fanatic. The rear light with LED. Cool looking. In conclusion, I believe the price for Inspira is fantastic and it certainly hot up the local car market and also the acessories for those modify car craze people.

Best Swiftlets House Design - Rumah Walit Part 2

Location : Melaka
GPS Coordintates : Undisclosed

This is another best example of the swiftlets house or rumah walit design that will successfully attract and grow grow your swiftlets population. In a short time you will be harvesting your birdnest and your investment estimate around Rm200k ( not including land cost ) will fully return in 3 years time. The life span of your investment will be almost limitness and you can consider this as your long term FD that pay you monthly around Rm100k if successful.

This bird house size at 24x72 and you can see the holes at the side to act as ventilation for the bird house. An ideal bird house temperature will be around 27c to 29c and humidity around 80 - 90. If you can control these 2 factors well, you already win half of the battle already. If you look clearly at the side, the aluminium or metal sheet around the bird house is for the purpose of keeping pest like lizards, cockcroach and maybe snakes from entering the house that hunt on small swiftlets or their eggs . This will disrupt the birds and they may abandon the nest which is very bad.

The roof aim to reduce the temperature in the bird house. I think the owner did not fully cover the side of the roof to let the air go in and further reduce the heat from the sunlight.

You can see the speaker hanging from the pole emitting sounds that attract the swiftlets to check out the house. The swiftlets will then fly in the open rooftop and roam inside the house. If they like what they see, they may stay and build their nest laying eggs.

The drainage at the side of the house suppose to fill up with water to keep the ants from entering the house. The drawback will be the fear of breeding aedes.
This is the control room of the bird house just situated at the side where the entrance is.

This is the amplifier that control the external speakers. The sound actually have many versions and you can insert the sound thru a memory card and insert into this device.

This one control the internal speakers.

This is the meranti wood planks for the swiftlets to nest on. This visit to this bird house very fruitful as I learn many new things but to be a expert in this area still a long way to go.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best Swiftlets House Design - Part 1

Location : Undisclosed
GPS Coordintates : Undisclosed

The swiftlets industry is a billion ringgit industry and the government is pushing to grow this industry by giving out grants and incentives for people to venture it. If you thinking of venturing into this industry, the following info maybe useful for you.

I happened to visit my friend who is currently constructing a bird house near Gombak. The above picture indicate the entry and exit point into the house for the swiftlets. Speakers will be set up at the entry point to attact the birds into the house.

The above is the meranti wood planks for the swiftlets to nest on. These planks will be full of bird nest after a few years time.

This is the meranti wood with horizontal lines for the ease of the swiftlets to hold on.

This is the worker putting up all the planks in place. 

Another worker busy sawing the woods in the right length.

This is the entry points view from inside the house. You can see some speakers already set up on top of the hole.

This is the second entry point connecting the roving area where the first entry is located.

The pvc pipe is for ventilation and for some lighting from outside.

No stairs built to enter the bird house for security purpose and you can enter only by ladder. Quite scary looking below. This is my first time visiting a bird house and truly an eye opener and hopefully can visit more bird house to broaden my knowledge.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Festival Of Wings @ Kapar Ash Pond

Location : Kapar Ash Pond
Events : Festival Of Wings ( Pesta Sayap 2010 )
GPS Coordinates : N3 07.432 E101 19.008

The festival Of Wings or Pesta Sayap held at the Kapar Ash Pond on the 23 -24 October 2010. This is the yearly event as the Kapar Ash Pond will be open to public for the viewing of migratory birds. The person in charge commented that in future this ash pond will not be suitable for the migratory birds as the power plant may opted for another technology to dispose the ashes which will not be suitable for the birds to live in.

The Kelab Pencinta Alam Malaysia set up these telescope for the visitors easy viewing of the migratory birds.

Look at the dote.

I fascinated by this gadget. 

Look out for the birds.

Wow...this baby will take excellent photos. 400mm zoom lens. 

Leica telescope. Must be very expensive.

This pipe transport the ash water from the power plant to the pond.

The members from Kelab Pencinta Alam setting up the information board.

The board contains some photos and info about the migratory birds.

The view of the ash pond.

Spotted the Brahminy Kite or Helang Merah.

Crop this photo to get a better view but still quite far.

This photo show a better photo of the Helang Merah. Very similar to the american eagle.

The great egret.

The birds start to return from the feeding place at around 2pm.

The 400mm in action. 

This should be the twin whimbrel.

The Kapar Power Plant. The biggest power plant in Malaysia running on coal.

Whimbrel in action.

Close up.

The great egret.

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