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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Best Swiftlets House Design - Part 1

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The swiftlets industry is a billion ringgit industry and the government is pushing to grow this industry by giving out grants and incentives for people to venture it. If you thinking of venturing into this industry, the following info maybe useful for you.

I happened to visit my friend who is currently constructing a bird house near Gombak. The above picture indicate the entry and exit point into the house for the swiftlets. Speakers will be set up at the entry point to attact the birds into the house.

The above is the meranti wood planks for the swiftlets to nest on. These planks will be full of bird nest after a few years time.

This is the meranti wood with horizontal lines for the ease of the swiftlets to hold on.

This is the worker putting up all the planks in place. 

Another worker busy sawing the woods in the right length.

This is the entry points view from inside the house. You can see some speakers already set up on top of the hole.

This is the second entry point connecting the roving area where the first entry is located.

The pvc pipe is for ventilation and for some lighting from outside.

No stairs built to enter the bird house for security purpose and you can enter only by ladder. Quite scary looking below. This is my first time visiting a bird house and truly an eye opener and hopefully can visit more bird house to broaden my knowledge.

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