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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Earthworms - Earthworms Castings

In this posting, I gonna share the sample of what earthworms castings look like. From my previous posting, I share the method of rearing earthworms in the plastic garbage bin From the previous setup, it maybe difficult to see what the product of vermicompost. Therefore, I release some earthworms inside the flower pot and hope to create a natural habitat for the little fellow to breed and create its castings.

The dark brown silinder like earthworms castings.

More visible at the side of the pot.

Put some dry leaves and paper cuttings inside the pot for the earthworms to feed on. In about 1 month time, you will see the castings that can use as fertilizer for your organic farm.

All natural earthworms fertilizer ready to use.

This little fellow gonna enter the planeteer hall of fame for saving the earth from pollution and recycle waste into brown gold.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ani Sup Utara Bandar Baru Bangi

Location : Ani Sup Utara Bandar Baru Bangi
GPS Coordinates : N2 57.533 E101 45.329
Pricing : Reasonable

One of the newer chain food stores expanding in Klang Valley is the Famous Ani Sup Utara. Many branches available so far the branch at Bandar Baru Bangi is the best decorated I saw. Located just beside BSN Bandar Baru Bangi branch.

The owner spare no expense in decorating this outlet as it is far different from the one I being at Puchong. The staffs working also wore caps and nice uniforms,. Looks like our local food stalls also going upmarket to draw more people and have a fight with the coffee shop chain.

I ordered the beef soup bihun mee with beef lungs. From the appearance, it look much smaller portion from the one I used to had at Puchong. Maybe it calculated the cost of renovation in the food they served here against other branches. The flavour still quite good and worth a try in my opinion. 

You can order soup with rice and salted egg. I can say more filing to the stomach than the half portion bihun mee I had.

Monday, March 15, 2010

IOI Palm Garden Resort Driving Range

Location : IOI Palm Garden Resort Driving
GPS Coordinates : N2 58.289 E101 42.553
Fee : RM10 for 100 balls

First time come to this driving range. The surrounding very nice and with 1 nice cafe. I noticed the driving range actually going downhill and the range around 100 - 150 meters you really cannot see where the ball drop. A point to consider for their upgrade.

The best cafe I seen from all driving range. Coaching available also.

The building above the hill is the IOI Palm Garden Resort.

This driving range do not provide any gadget that release the ball for your next shot as per other range. A small inconvenience for some.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Restoran Seri Penang Cyberjaya

Location : Restoran Seri Penang Cyberjaya
GPS Coordinates : N2 55.191 E101 39.545
Ratings 3.5 Stars

Cyberjaya got many nice foods other than my favourite Saba' Arab Cuisine restaurant. One of them will be Restoran Seri Penang situated beside Papa Rich Kopitiam nearby Petronas station. Should not too difficult to find if you follow the above GPS coordinates. The restaurant situated at its own building with 2 floors. Normally will be pack during lunch time that cater for the people working at the nearby offices.

Mybiebie order this ambula juice. Don't know what the taste like but highly recommended.

The menu was very attractive with many food available but with 2 person the choices are limited. We ordered the Hainanese chicken rice and I like the soup a lot. The rice also very fragrant and the chicken also not too bad. The dissappointing part is the chili which taste like from the bottle (which I think so ) and not freshly chili sauce thingy I like.

Malaysian favourite the curry laksa with prawns. Not too spicy and with the mint leaves tasted very nice.The price here will not be cheap as like hawkers but
no harm trying if you nearby.  I will probably come here again and try out other dishes. Til then...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Restoran Ayam Penyet - AP Puchong

Location : Restoran Ayam Penyet - AP Puchong
GPS Coordinates : N3 01.383 E101 36.869
Ratings : 3 Stars.

This restaraunt famous for its Javanese food like what they serve at the famous Anggrek Kuring Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The interior is quite simple. The food price is reasonable and quite tasty.

As what the menu suggest, their sambal is quite or very spicy for some. If you like the kick, this is the place for you.

Not many choices available but ok for me. Too many dishes will make the cost of eating getting higher. This is why the cost of food here very resonable.

Must try this deep fried catfish ( ikan keli ). Best with the very spicy sambal. My favourite.

The sour vegetable soup. Not bad.

This is indonesian tea. If you around Bandar Puteri Puchong, come have a try but my personal favourite will be fried ikan keli rather than their trademark ayam penyet.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Original Kluang Rail Coffee

Location : The Original Kluang Rail Coffee
GPS Coordinates : N2 01.996 E103 19.056
Ratings : 3 Stars

Wow...came to my childhood coffee shop at Kluang. Famous for its mee siam goreng, nasi lemak bungkus and its roti bakar. For coffee lovers definately must try the famous Kluang coffee. Although many outlets open at Klang valley but nothing beats the original.

Many locals come here for their breakfast.

While waiting for the train why not have a rest and take a cup of nice Kluang coffee. The train schedule can be view on the signage.

This station maintain its original looks since the beginning.

Ticket counter.

Automatic paying machine for the washroom users.

Waiting platform.

A long way home.

Kluang town. The home of the bats.
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