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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project Rearing Earthworms - My New Hobby

Everyone got their own hobbies like rearing pets dogs, cats, fish and others but I tried leeches before and now going into rearing earthworms after my last project failed as you can read from my previous post:

I feel leeches can be tough to rear especially on finding the right food like eel or catfish ( for its blood ) and worrying not to contaminated the water as asidic waters will kill them.

As the current trend of saving the environment and going organic, I decided to go into earthworms rearing as the main reasons of getting its castings. The process of using earthworms to turn our households garbage like vegetables, fruits and other organics products into high quality compost is called vermicomposting, but most people just call it a 'worm farm'. Composting does not require the use of worms, but when they're added to the mix, it becomes much more efficient and complete.

First of all, I went to my friends house and dig out some worms from her gardens. Then before putting the worms into a plastic garbage container, I put lots of shredded paper into the garbage container and then put on the soils and tree leaves as illustrated below:

Standard garbage bin you can get from any hardware stores. Cost around Rm10.

After this, just water the container to make it moist as worms like cool wet conditions. The final process will be letting the worms go and monitor from time to time when the food seem to be dissappear and water the container if its too dry. The paper below will keep moisture and create a ideal condition for earthworms.

Look at the earthworms busy hiding from the sunlight as just managed to take a shot before its dissappearing act. More to update later as I will show the product of vermicomposting in my later post.

To be continue......................

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