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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Body Shop Herba Prima Marketing Jitra, Kedah

Location : Body Shop Herba Prima, Jitra Kedah
GPS Coordinates : N6 14.613 E100 25.230

Went to Jitra Kedah for work and found this interesting shop selling slimming and health products. From the outlook, the building looks like Tune Hotel but in actual fact is a direct selling company known as Herba Prima Marketing own Dr Rozmey Che Din. More info can be found at

I wonder whether Tony Fernadez can take legal action against Dr Rozmey for misleading the consumer?

RBSFC...sound like a football club name...LFC...MUFC...

Come take photo with Dr Rozmey.

This is the real Dr Rozmey CEO of Herba Prima Marketing and Jitra Specialist Centre with his main slimming produc tJus Mate 5. This guy is so popular now that you can see his story in the 8pm television news.

The New Perodua Alza Review

Location : Perodua Showroom USJ 9
GPS coordinates : N3 02.827 E101 35.279

I passed by the Perodua Showroom at USJ 9 and decided to check out the new Perodua Alza. When I reached there, saw this test drive Alza in pearl white. First impression quite ok and look very sporty.

This is the full model with bodykit.

The rear of the car look like Perodua Myvi.

The length of the car almost like a myvi but surprisingly can sit for 7. Power wise ok for city driving but for up hill driving to Genting sitting 7 may be quite difficult. Overall performance almost like a Toyota Avanza.

Wow...dashboard feel like Toyota Wish. The gear level at the dashboard mean more space for sitting.

From the rear, look like Toyota Avanza. Anyway, is from the same family.

The same engine that power the Avanza and Rush.

The projector headlamp looks great.

Look quite affordable for a 7 seater. This car will compete in the likes of Proton Exora and Naza Citra.

National Mosque Kuala Lumpur

Location : National Mosque Kuala Lumpur (Masjid Negara)
GPS location : N3 08.543 E101 41.544

The National Mosque situated near the Hishamuddin roundabout. More info please visit

The Bank Rakyat HQ can be seem clearly from far.

Tourism Malaysia in the effort to promote tourism setting up information board for the tourists.

A jawi character form of art.

Jawi writings on the wall.

The KTM berhad HQ just situated opposite the mosque.

Water fountain.

I feel it will be better if got place to sit down and relax in the gazebo.

The Old Kuala Lumpur train station within walking distance.

Many foreign tourist came to the National Mosque and stop by a souvenier shop selling drawings of the nearby architectual.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

Location : Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
GPS Location : N3 07.960 E101 41.240

After completing some photoshooting at Kuala Lumpur Old Train Station, decided to take a walk to KL Central via Jalan Tun Sambanthan.  On my way there, managed to take a shot a a fast moving LRT train moving towards the next station.

The railway lines also run along side Jalan Tun Sanbanthan with normal diesel and electric trains servicing the stations.

While I was waliking towards Brickfields, saw this Holy Rosary Catholic Church situated along the road at GPS coordinates
N3 08.211 E101 41.578.

Don't miss this church if you visiting this area as good area for some photoshoting.

 Look up.

 KL Central from far.

 Every accountants in Malaysia must know this place as this is the office of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). Situated at GPS coordinates N3 08.144 E101 41.448.

 Brickkfields LRT station.

 The shoplots along Jalan Tun Sanbanthan look very colourful.

 People busy moving around from the LRT station.

YMCA Brickfields situated at GPS coordinates N3 08.000 E101 41.370. For more info please visit

Old Town coffee shop seem to mushrooming everywhere. If you want to visit 1 for a drink will not difficult to find especially this 1 opposite the YMCA Brickfields.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Historical Town Of Alor Setar Kedah

Location : Alor Setar, Kedah
GPS Coordinates : N6 07.280 E100 21.975

Alor Setar is the capital city of Kedah and famous for its nasi royale and cucur udang. If you want to taste the famous nasi royale, go to Kedai Kopi Kim Bee Chew near Pekan Rabu at coordinates N6 07.009 E100 22.017. More info at be find at You can also go to Hijau Kuning Restaurant at coordinates N6 06.272 E100 21.671 which is along Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid.

When we reached Alor Setar already evening and searching for shop houses near Jalan pekan Cina where the early chinese settlement gives the place the identity in terms of architectural design.

Traditional provision shop still operating prosperously along the street.

This pink buiding look very contrast with the traditional buidling around.

River crossing using small boats still operating along the banks near Jalan Pekan Cina to the opposite chinese temple.

High risk transportation with no safety jackets in sight.

Chinese temple along the river.

Sunset along the Kedah river.

View inside the small jetty.

Tanjung Chali tower, one of the landmark of Alor Setar. You can visit this place at coordinates N6 07.015 E100 21.749. You can see the nice view of the river banks from top of the tower.

The Alor Setar tower or known as Menara Alor Setar situated at coordinates N6 07.493 E100 22.060.

The top of the tower houses the communication equipment and a restaurant.

Yellow Palace or Istana Kuning situated beside the tower which is the place to held official royalty function.

No entrance.

Masjid Zahir situated at coordinates N6 07.208 E100 21.919 which is opposite the old Palace.

One of the important heritage landmark of Alor Setar.

The sky is very blue after the rain at night.

The morning sun brightly shine on the mosque.

The clock tower of Alor Setar.

Entrance to the Royal muzium.

The old Royal Palace.

Alor Setar Art Gallery.

State buiding of Kedah.

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