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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore @ Sentosa Island

Location : Universal Studios Singapore @ Sentosa Island
GPS Coordinates : N1 15.355 E103 49.371

Arrived at the parking at Resort World Sentosa, it took some time to find a parking as the place almost packed.

Need to hitch a ride on this vehicle to the entrance as the parking area is huge and took a while to go on foot. 

Escalator up to the Universal Studios Singapore.

Exiting the darkness.


The ticketing booth all closed for the day as all the tickets already sold out. Tickets to the theme park starts from SGD32 for senior citizens, children at SGD48 while adults cost at SGD66 for a 1 day pass . You can book online at to avoid disappointment especially during weekends and public holidays.

This is the Universal Studios mini town. You can view this from the entrance to the theme park. 

Zoom in for a closer look.

The theme park workers dress like the classic cinema attendants.

Iconic symbol of Universal Studios. 

Colourful decorations.

Water fountains. 

Going down to the shopping mall.

The place crowded with people lining up for food.

The entrance to the casino.

Dress code.

Marina Bay Sands @ Singapore

Location : Marina Bay Sands @ Singapore
GPS Coordinates : N1 17.002 E103 51.547

Many years never being to Singapore already. This time went to Singapore to do some work and managed to do some sightseeing of the new attractions at Singapore which is the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The hotel situated at the Marina Bay area with other famous attractions like the Esplanade and the Singapore Flyer.

On the left side is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and on the right side is the convention centre and shopping complex.

The ERP system which is like the toll at Malaysia.

On top of the hotel is the Sky Park on the 57th floor. You can catch the best view of the bay area there.

Main entrance of the hotel.

The 2nd entrance on the other side.

Inside the convention centre.

Many luxury boutiques available.

The hallway to the casino. Very well decorated with crystal lightings.

The entrance to the casino.

Since it was quite late, all the shops already closed.

A water canal with Venice-style gondola ride available.

I tweet this photo with some HDR effect. Nice scenery of the bay area with the famous Fullerton Hotel on the right side.

Beautiful sights of the Sands Hotel and the shopping complex.

The Marina Bay area will be hosting the Formula 1 night racing on the end of September. Air Asia is the official sponsor of the Williams Formula 1 team they organised a competition in accordance with the event.

Many taxis lining outside the convention centre waiting for customers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Visit To Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

Location : Kluang Coffee Powder Factory
GPS Coordinates : N2 01.310 E103 19.455

Everytime I went to Kluang I would buy the local famous produce the Kluang "cap television" coffee. Normally I would buy from the specialty shop at the town but this time I went to the factory to get the fresher out of factory coffee. The factory is not far from the town and you can smell the aroma of the coffee once you step out of the car.

 I think this is the packaging area. You can see this when enter from the main door.

The retail shop just at the side of the entrance. Many types of coffee available at the shelves.

 The wall of fame. Many famous people photos visited this factory stick on the wall.

 This is the warehouse and the loading bay.

The packaging of the Kluang "Cap Television" coffee. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Make A Phone Call From A Public Phone Booth

Location : Simpang Ampat
GPS Coordinates : N2 25.890 E102 11.221

This phone booth may seem to be a normal pay phone booth and you may think how hard is it to make a phone call from a public phone booth. At first, I may feel the same but I found it quite ironic when I saw this phone booth at a Kampung area near Simpang Ampat Melaka. In my mind, a public phone should be coin operated or coin and card operated for any public convenience. This was not the case as this pay phone out of nowhere is only card operated. How in the world you can make a phone call without a phone card. Furthermore, there's no any shops available nearby to sell a phone card. I wonder how many person actually make a call from this phone. While it may be logical for Telekom Malaysia perspective to set up such a phone at a Kampung to avoid lost of income due to theft but really can't seem logical in a user perspective especially if you need to make a phone call urgently and you don't have a phone card. Probably Telekom Malaysia already done a survey on this and conclude that kampung people are more advance and they succeptible to higher technology.

Let us see a bit closer. No coin insert point sighted. I think I should insert my mycard or my visa card to make a call.

This public phone seem more logical as coin operated. Why can't this kind of phone install at the kampung area. Do give your comment and any sample if this kind of thing happen in your area.
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