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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Visit To Kluang Coffee Powder Factory

Location : Kluang Coffee Powder Factory
GPS Coordinates : N2 01.310 E103 19.455

Everytime I went to Kluang I would buy the local famous produce the Kluang "cap television" coffee. Normally I would buy from the specialty shop at the town but this time I went to the factory to get the fresher out of factory coffee. The factory is not far from the town and you can smell the aroma of the coffee once you step out of the car.

 I think this is the packaging area. You can see this when enter from the main door.

The retail shop just at the side of the entrance. Many types of coffee available at the shelves.

 The wall of fame. Many famous people photos visited this factory stick on the wall.

 This is the warehouse and the loading bay.

The packaging of the Kluang "Cap Television" coffee. 


  1. Certainly another cool offering indeed for the palate. Cheers always.

    The Scribe


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