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Friday, August 3, 2012

The New Proton Preve R3 Bodykit Review

The Proton Preve already launched for around 3 months already and received good response from car buyers. Proton further heat up the market by launching the R3 bodykit for the new Preve.

The Proton Preve R3 bodykit will cost around Rm3,000. 

Front view for the Preve R3 bodykit.

Gun metal sport rim and rear bumper extension.

Door visor for Preve by ACM Motorsport.

This the future special edition preview of the Proton Preve Sapphire.

Nice metalic silver grey colour.

The dashboard of Proton Preve made from soft rubber. Very nice high quality. The Proton Sapphire interior very nice colour combination.

Another sample of Proton Preve bodykit by ACM motorsport.

The rear bumper extension seem to big.

Look out for this hot car on the road.


  1. Proton Preve CFE ni power x? mcm turbo kan? dengan bodykit memang cun...

  2. I think the CFE got many problems...

  3. cfe best..yeahhh!

  4. i ve driven 1600 km since bought and i may say that i must praise and salute proton for preve cfe overall performance, superb!..value for money..

  5. i like this car... ok wat..?
    if this car have a any problem, i dont want la... get the anothr car...

  6. ok memang ok tapi pikap kurang sikit....

  7. super car!! LOVE PROTON!

  8. perggh gambar2 ni buat aku ada ilham untuk bikin preve aku bagi nampak sporty..thanks for the nice picture bor


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