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Friday, August 17, 2012

E Fatwa - Pelaburan Emas Genneva Tak Sah

Another interesting twist for the gold investment leader Genneva as the Fatwa Council recently announced that the Genneva do not fulfill the requirement set out by the council to be syarak compliance. The Fatwa advice the muslim community to avoid and distance from associate with gold investment conduct by Genneva.

It is indeed very challenging for Genneva after recently been in the alert list or some say blacklisted by Bank Negara and also issued a non compliance notice by the E Fatwa. Time will tell how Genneva can survive thru all the negative incidents and build back investor confidence.

An interesting article from the muslim consumer society on comment about Genneva gold investment but more on BNM compliance on BAFIA and AMLA act which is entirely a different issue. 

77 Companies On Bank Negara Alert List

Recently Bank Negara Malaysia issued an alert list on its website which listed 77 companies which are not authorised or approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by BNM. This listing create a big reaction from the public and some mainstream newspaper used a slightly different wording of blacklisted that technically may have a different meaning.

The term "Blacklisted" in my opinion maybe different to "Alert" as BNM intention to alert the public of the potential risk dealing with the listed companies and not saying that the companies listed is engaging in anything illegal. 

"Tidak Sah" feels like the same meaning as "Black Listed"

In conclusion, I believed BNM did a good job in giving warning to the public the potential list of dealing with the listed companies as recently there are many fraudulent cases happening. 

Recent case happened at Kota Kinabalu where invested were cheated by a "Gold Investment Scheme".

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AEE Magical SD21 Full HD Review

The trend of shooting adventure sport in video been around for quite some time and the market leader for adventure camera always been the Gopro Hero series. When I go thru the bicycle buy sell website, I came across this AEE Magicam and attracted by its function and reasonable pricing. I got this unit from the CEX Expo for Rm1,100 with extra battery pack, 1 car mount and 1 head strap mount. This price is excellent compare to Gopro Hero 2 package without the LCD screen for Rm1,299. Specification wise Gopro Hero 2 comes with 11mp while AEE Magicam SD21 with 8mp only. Video quality wise comparable with Full HD function.

This is the AEE Magical SD21 in its waterproof casing up to 60 meters.

The packaging very similar to Gopro.

Comes with LCD backpac.

Top view of the SD21 with small timing LCD and other buttons.

The unit only compatible with micro SD card maximum size 64gb. The salesman claimed class 4 with be enough.

The remote control unit comes standard.

Simple bag to protect your Magicam.

All in the package.

Bicycle mount.

This bicycle mount can use for any cameras ( preferable small cameras ) to be fitted on your bicycle as same as the tripod mount.

Sample video on bicycle mount

Sample video on car mount.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The New Proton Preve R3 Bodykit Review

The Proton Preve already launched for around 3 months already and received good response from car buyers. Proton further heat up the market by launching the R3 bodykit for the new Preve.

The Proton Preve R3 bodykit will cost around Rm3,000. 

Front view for the Preve R3 bodykit.

Gun metal sport rim and rear bumper extension.

Door visor for Preve by ACM Motorsport.

This the future special edition preview of the Proton Preve Sapphire.

Nice metalic silver grey colour.

The dashboard of Proton Preve made from soft rubber. Very nice high quality. The Proton Sapphire interior very nice colour combination.

Another sample of Proton Preve bodykit by ACM motorsport.

The rear bumper extension seem to big.

Look out for this hot car on the road.

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