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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Lexus CT 200H Hybrid Review

Car : Lexus CT200h
Category : Hybrid
Price : From Rm1q72,600 OTR

Hybrid cars seem to be the in thing now especially the constant hike in petrol prices. Toyota with its Prius and Honda successfully launched their Insight with popular demand. Now, we look at the luxury section of the hybrid category by Lexus. The new CT-200h 4 doors hatchback. 

The blue colour inside the logo symbolize the hybrid energy that run on this vehicle. This vehicle comes with daylight LED located inside the headlamps.

The rear design I feel may have some Toyota Caldina feeling of sportiness. What do you think?

The rear diffuser under the rear bumper part of the aerodynamic that allowed this vehicle to run at 33km/liter. A slightly higher consumption than the Prius that claimed to run at around 40km/liter

The interior is a killer. First of all the all black approach which is to my preference and also the luxury feeling of high quality leather finishing. Love it.

The interior similar to a fighter plane cockpit. High tech stuff.

The blue or red colour indicator on top of the speedometer will indicate the driving situation whether in fuel saving or power mode. A cool function for drivers.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The New 2011 Perodua Myvi Review

Car : The New 2011 Perodua Myvi
Location : Perodua USJ Taipan Showroom
Price OTR from Rm43,900 to Rm57,400

From far the new perodua Myvi don't seem much different from the old production.

First visible difference is that the headlamps not as sharp as the old version and the projector light comes standard.

The side mirror signal indicator seem to follow the volkwagen design that placed at the bottom of the mirror.

Not much difference at the rear.

The new myvi dashboard similar to the alza.

Well much improved than the old version 

A two tone interior colour scheme. This is the standard version and the premium version do come with the whole black interior scheme.

The premium version will come with bodykit and spoiler. However the premium version will not come cheap at  Rm57,400. For that price, in my opinion the 1.5 litre Alza will be a better choice.

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