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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hot Spring Setapak, Jln Ayer Panas

Location : Hot Spring Setapak, Resource Spring Apartment
GPS Coordinates : N3 11.380 E101 42.831

1 day trip around the heart of Kuala Lumpur which saw some interesting places where my friend show me an apartment build around a hot spring at Jalan Ayer Panas KL . This is certainly very interesting to me as I never thought hot spring exist at KL. Anyway, you can visit it and with an entrance fee of RM2 I think you can have a hot bath not swimming as the water very hot hot...

A man seen enjoying himself with the hot spring bath.

The hot spring blend with the surrounding building.

Where can you find a condominium with its very own hot spring? Only at Setapak Kuala Lumpur you can.

Crystal clear hot spring water.

Hot bubble and algae seen from the resorvoir.

Feel like having a dip in the water...

After visiting the hot spring, went to Wangsa Maju area for some food and stop by the LRT station.

A hot day to walk around.

The overhead bridge linking the LRT station.

My favourite shooting structure, the Petronas twin towers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Klang Town Back In Time

Location : Klang Selangor
GPS Coordinates : N3 02.588 E101 26.896

Went to Yuen Yuen Hainanese chicken rice and walk around the area for some photoshooting. The area is surrounded by historical pre-war building. A good area for black and white shots.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hot Spring In Semenyih

Location : Semenyih Hot Spring
GPS Coordinates : N3 02.533 E101 52.338

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Going into the hot spring took a little bit more effort going thru the rough terrain.

The sulphur smell serve as a confirmation that we reached our targeted hot spring.

The warm water allows an abundance of algae and bacteria to live.

My friend Stimix and Mr Mark checking out the hot spring.

A frog view of the surface of the water.

After the hot spring trip, we went for mountain biking thru the green lungs of Semenyih.

A good area for cyclist to venture.

Clear water stream, kind hard to find nowadays.

One of the many lakes around the area.

Many people spent their free time fishing at the lake.

A good place to relax and enjoy the green environment.

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