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Sunday, July 4, 2010

UFO Sightings In The Sky Of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Location : Puchong , Malaysia
GPS Coordintes : N3 01.146 E101 37.703

As I look up in the sky I saw a bright light shinning from far. At first I thought it was a aeroplane but the light seem stagnant and my mind thinking to get a clearer shoot using my video camera with a powerful zoom. I on my video cam and start zooming at the object. At first I thought it maybe light from a building or from a fun fair but after zooming, I noticed the light just appear from no where and nothing attached to it. The light dissappear after a while and I video record the whole sightings and let you judge for yourself what it was and drop your comment on my blog.

UFO Sightings.


  1. Haa!! Biar betul..Anyway..Nice..My funny special for u..don’t forget to laugh ya Check Here

  2. with the vastness of the universe, it wouldn't be surprising to know that UFOs exist.

    Cebu Urbano

  3. Hey, i see the same thing at puchong. I thougth it's just aeroplane or something. so i don't bother.

  4. next time u sight the UFO, video it and upload to youtube to share..

  5. it culd be true,, being an issue for long

  6. yes its true and neil armstrong see it in the apollo 11 mission find some strange light on the moon and he said it was enourmous huge.

  7. me staying at kajang oso seen same thing around 8.40 pm on 20 july amazing...


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