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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB)

Location : Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB)
GPS coordinates : N2 16.357 E102 17.228

Today I gonna introduce to you the newest happening location at Melaka to hang out and have a good time. Melaka International Bowling Centre (MITB) the place and it situated at the Melaka International Trade Centre which is the centre of the Melaka State government offices.

The place was the venue for International Bowling Competition 2009 and gonna be the venue for the Sukma games 2010.

A big hall to cater any big international event.

The entrance of the bowling alley's.

If you are serious in bowling, this the place to get pro equipment like shoes and shining bowling balls.

Once you enter the place, you can see the spectator stands in the middle for any bowling competition.

State of the art facilities.

This is the reception area to register and get your bowling shoes.

The another weekend I went to Melaka was very happening as it was during the Sukma competition and the place was packed with people visiting and participating in the event.

The winners stand already in place for the victors. 

A short clip showing the Sukma event held at the venue.

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