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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tioman Island Snorkeling Trip

Location : Tioman Island
Activity : Snorkeling
Price : Rm80/person

We went out early morning at 9am for our snorkeling activity. For the price of Rm80, the boatman will take out to 4-5 places for snorkeling the trip will end around 3 - 5pm.

Our first destination was a beautiful white sandy beach.

Crystal clear and warm water surprisingly. One of my scuba diving friend told me that the corals are dying due to global warming. So, do your part to save the environment.

Feeding the fish.

Sadly there not a single fish took the bait when I shot the video.

Many tourist came after us and the place seem very crowded.

Important note to beginner that proper footware is important if not you may get injured by the sharp corals.

Shot this on the beach.

I like this shot. Mini wave.

Some of the boatman waiting on the beach.


  1. Wow, the water is crystal clear! =)

  2. too bad i dun have a waterproof camera to shoot the beautiful corals. Got pink and also purple colour 1...extremely beautiful.

  3. Can i know what beach is this? The water is really clear:)



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