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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naza Kia Forte Body Kit Review

Location : Naza World Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates : N3 05.970 E101 38.134

From my last review on this beautiful car, I decided to add on with the enhancement of the vehicle in the form of body kit. The only place I know can view the actual model with bodykit is the Naza World situated at Petaling Jaya. The body kit really not dissappoint me as it look lovely and extremely agressive on the Forte. 

The front bumper adopted a F1 look.

The rear look hot with the difusser look.

Dashboard look relatively easy to access.

The Kia logo appear on the steering wheel.

No comment on the engine but preferable you take the 2.0 version as the 1.6 seem to be a bit underpower. The verdict on this body kit is a must have on your Forte but it will cost you a price of Rm4,000+ with paint. No wonder you do not see many of these on the road.


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