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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Restaurant Nyonya Imperial Rasa Nyonya @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Location : Restaurant Nyonya Imperial Rasa Nyonya @ Bandar Puteri Puchong
GPS Coordinates : N3 01.419 E101 37.067
Status : Halal
Ratings : 2.5 stars

There are many restaurants at Bandar Puteri Puchong and this Restaurant Nyonya Imperial quite stand out from others with its 2 storey striking red renovation. This restaurant situated at the corner near the direct selling company Easy Pha-max and should be quite very easy to find.

The menu also uses the red colour theme like the restaurant.

The upper restaurant decorated similarly like the kopitiam style.

The lower floor packed with people but the upper floor seem quiet.

This staircase very European feel.

I feel like eating something spicy and order the Tomyan fried rice. I particularly like the cuttlefish with the rice as it is very fresh.

Fried chicken lobak. Not to my liking as it taste a bit sweet.

Malaysian favourite the Penang fried kuoy tiao. Quite nice as not too oily and the portion also quite a lot. If you looking for something different from kopitiam food @ Bandar Puteri, why not give a try at Nyonya Imperial.


  1. quite an interesting interior for a NYONYA restaurant...:-) will try!

  2. I always love Nyonya Food.

  3. Nyonya imperial...the name also sound high class..

  4. Mantaap! RasaNyonya Memang Maknyuss..

  5. whoa! totally would love to have a great experience at this restaurant. Just imagine all those scrumptious meals! Cheers!

    The Scribe

  6. post yr comment about nyonya imperial after u visit the place k..

  7. Charmaine, hubby and I been there for dining too during this year. A bit let down cos can't find jiu hur char as it's part of nyonya famous dish. The whole building was painted red as it belongs to Easy Pha-max. Lots of crowd could be their members with discounted rate.

  8. You got a point there. I also saw many easy pha max people there at Nyonya imperial. Maybe got some link...

  9. u hv the phone number? nyonya imperial restaurant at bandar puteri puchong

  10. is this restaurant, halal ? i would like to organize buka puasa event, here


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