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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project Earthworms : How To Recycle Your Mailing Paper

You must have received many letters and promotional documents from the banks or from your telco company. Normally after reading it the letters thrown to the dust bin straight away. I received a lot of these mailing and sometimes took a lot of time sorting it out before disposing it. After much thinking, I feel all these mailing can be recycle in a way by feeding to the earthworms and turn it into earthworms casting. You may ask why not sell it to the newspaper man as some of the info on the letters may be confidential for others to read. So give it a try to save the environment in your own capacity.

First, you compile all the letters from the bank or telco which already read or outdated.
Cut it into pieces so that it can break into smaller pieces when soak in water.

All the cut papers soak into water in a bucket or metal container and left it few days to compost naturally before feeding it to the earthworms. If you have a blender it will be better to break the paper into pieces as it accelerate the compost process as I explained in my previous posting.

Lastly, just spread the paper pieces into your earthworm bin and turn into black gold.


  1. wow..tats interesting...but the worms are readily in the soil??

  2. super intresting~

    just become ur follower.. be mine to ya ;)

  3. Yeap...all the earthworms already in the bin and do their business..the paper will take around 2-3 weeks to finish the vermicomposting..

  4. Wow.... Very Weird but interesting. and I'm planning a trip to Kluang soon so any reccomedations?

  5. u can go to zenxin agro farm..

    or the famous landmark Gunung Lambak. Got a waterpark there and u can have a hike to the top.


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