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Friday, September 18, 2009

Syarikat Seng Hing Bike Shop Muar

Shop Name : Syarikat Seng Hing
Location : Muar Johor
GPS Coordinates : N2 02.758 E102 33.894
Speciality : Mountain Bike and Accessories. Reasonable Price and Friendly Service
Website :

Fast And Furious - Muar Version

Tanjung Muar Johor - Bandar Maharani

Location : Tanjung Muar Johor.
GPS Coordinates : N2 02.774 E102 33.052

Tanjung Muar is one of the popular place in Muar for relaxation and place to spend a day out with the family. In the weekend, many hawkers can be seen selling food like rojak and ice cream around the area. If you walk a bit deeper into the woods, you can even see monkeys jumping around on the trees greeting your arrival. Not to be miss if you happen to visit Muar.

Danga Bay Festive Street Mall - Bazaar Ramadan

Location : Danga Bay Festive Mall Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates : N1 28.889 E103 43.309

Bazaar ramadan

A shop selling motorcycle accessories.

Varieties of items for sale.

Popular decoration for the car.

A nice decoration for the house.

Friendly trader enjoying life.

Ultraman hanging on.

Mickey shaking its bootie...

Mini sewing machine.

Bicycle for rent.

Danga Bay Festive Mall

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Leech - Learning How to Rear a Leech

I learn about this leech farming thing from my colleague and sound very interesting and decided to test rearing this little animal. I ask my friend at Kluang to buy for me one bottle containing around 50 leeches which cost me total Rm100 @ Rm2 per leech. I bought a normal container box and filled with filter water ( leech not fond of chorin water, prefereable let the water sit in for 5 -6 days before use ). After this, I release the leeches and watch them swimming be continue...

I open the box and put inside the plastic container and let the leech come out by its own.

Some of the leech still prefer in the small container probably feel safer inside.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keris Award 2008 - Mines Resort Seri Kembangan

Event : The 7th Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2008
Location : Mines Resort Seri Kembangan, Malaysia.
GPS Coordinates : N3 01.426 E101 43.078

This posting is long overdue and finally got the chance to post this event held at Mines Resort Seri Kembangan on the 18th January 2009.

Ancient horse cart.

Don't seem like Golden Horses to me...

Bronze horse statues.

Traditional dancing.

Group photo for the winners.

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