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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Achilles Formula Drift Asia

Event : Achilles Formula Drift Asia - Malaysia Stage
Location : Speed City at The Mines
GPS Coordinates : N3 03.144 E101 42.508

The Malaysian leg of the Achilles Formula Drift Asia held at Speed City at The Mines.

X-mini one of the main sponsor together with Achilles.

The main sponsor booth pack with visitors.

One of the drift car waiting for the race to start.

A quick way to become a drift driver.

The VIP section come with covered roof and air conditioning. 

The red hot Chevrolet Camaro.

Chevrolet sent a red colour Camaro since Bumblebee busy shooting the new Transformer movie.

Beauty and the beast.


Nice pose..

Group models doing funny pose.

Check out the results.

The weather sure very hot out there.

The atmosphere getting hot and sweaty with the hot weather.

Spectators waiting for the drift action to start.

Cars lining up for the competition to start.

The black colour lead car try to distance itself from the chasing car.

Fast and furious in action.

The race happened in a fast pace and you can't really get the full view of the wholes race as on tv.

Smoking drift action in motion.

Apparently someone needed medical attention and not due to any drift accident.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Thean Hou Temple 天后宫

Location : Thean Hou Temple 天后宫
GPS Coordinates : N3 07.315 E101 41.267

Wide angle shot of the main entrance of Thean Hou Temple.

Red lantern hanging all around the temple.

The lantern will light up beautifully after night fall.

Goddess of mercy ( Guan Yin ).

Worshiper light up their joss stick. 

The candle resemble the lotus flower.

A family affair.

Temple worker cleaning up the joss stick.

Another worker busy at work.

IWhen you kneel the goddess of mercy will release holy water for you.

Quiet please.....

One for the facebook.

Point and shoot....easy..

Pretty girl spotted..

A pretty bride getting register at the temple.

The couple of the day.

Group photo...ladies only.

Nice father and son photo.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The New Suzuki Swift Review

Vehicle : The New Suzuki Swift
Price : Rm78k - Rm83k

Pearl white Suzuki Swift parked outside the showroom. The front look of the car very similar with the old version and you won't see any difference other than the price increase of more than Rm10k.

The new version have a much longer wheel base and have a more sporty look.

The head lamps maintain the previous Swift design.

Multi spoke 16 inch rim with Bridgestone tyres.

The rear have a more curvy design.

Side mirrors turning LED indicator.

The black interior design very similar with the Kizashi.

Kizashi interior for comparison.

The Suzuki Swift with full bodykit.

The current version of Swift bring in from Thailand and hopefully the locally assemble version will launched soon to reduce the price.

The Suzuki Sports not expected to launch soon.

Hopefully Suzuki Malaysia will bring in the 5 doors Swift Sports soon.

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