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Friday, January 4, 2013

Ferry Ride To Penang Island Malaysia

Location : Butterworth Ferry Terminal
GPS Coordinates : N5 23.687 E100 21.824

Line up at the ferry terminal for my ride to arrive.

After 10 minutes of waiting, time to get on the ferry.

The attendant will line all the cars in rows when you drive into the ferry.

You have to wait until the ferry left the terminal before you can go out to check out the view.

Not a bad time to take a nap.

The Penang icon the Komtar Tower visible from far. I believed still the tallest building in Penang Island.

Another ferry just arrived from the main island.

The Penang bridge not clearly visible due to the cloudy weather.

Many people came out of their cars to enjoy the sea breeze.

The view not so great due to the cloudy day.

Penang port still a important international transit point for foreign vessel.

Penang island a popular destination for foreign tourist.

Star cruise terminal.

Getting closer to the island. 

Time to get in the car as the ferry get ready to dock at the terminal.

The docking bay comprise of 2 levels. Check out the video for the ride experience.

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