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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mines Shopping Fair @ Seri Kembangan

Location : Mines Shopping Fair @ Seri Kembangan
GPS Coordinates : N3 01.641 E101 43.109

I never being to Mines Shopping fair for quite some time, it seem that it had undergone an expansion and renovation process. Outside view still look the same.

Digital enhance the photo to give it a HDR (High Defination Range) look. It definately look better than the original photo but still a long way to go compare to the pros.

This is the entrance to the Mines Wonderland. I don't know what so wonderful inside there but heard that got the musical fountain display at night. Check the below on youtube.

The video was shoot more than 3 years ago so don't know whether still exist now.

A water canal inside a shopping mall. Quite cool.

The place much improve from what I can remember before.

Many eateries and fast food chain available.

My favourite Nando's.

Must have the peri peri sauce with the peri peri chicken. I like the one with the garlic favour. 

What happened to that guy? Must be fallen asleep waiting for his dinner.

You can cool down with a cool herbal tea after a spicy hot Nando's. This shop seem so quiet with no patrons. Maybe the bitter herbal tea not everyone's cup of tea.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

PIKOM PC Fair @ MITC Melaka

Location : MITC Melaka
Event : PIKOM PC Fair
Date : 30th July - 1st August
GPS coordinates : N2 16.305 E102 17.099

The view from the main entrance at MITC @ Melaka. This is the first time I came to MITC for PC Fair. It took about 20 minutes to find a good spot for parking but the plus point is that parking here is "FREE". I feel that coming here is definately more worth it ( in comparision of parking rates ) than going to places like KL Convention Centre or PWTC.

The signboard welcoming all the people with the 1 Malaysia concept.

The small entrance to the venue.

Many notebooks and netbooks available. Price ranging from Rm1,200 to Rm4,000. Desktop computer seem to be phase out already and mainly for business use only.

Toshiba booth mainly selling notebooks and netbooks.

Price here not much different from outside or the other booth. The main difference was the abundance of  free gifts such as (mouse, notebook fan, lcd cleaner....) available for new buyer.

Sony Vaio. Very pricey compare to other brands.

The ink jet printing system. It cost about Rm400+ with inkjet printer like HP or Canon but the usage will be 4 or 5 times more that normal catridge which cost more than Rm100.

Papago seem to overtake Garmin in terms or popularity as a gps device for users at Malaysia. I personally never use Papago before but the review seem good enough for a try.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The New Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 Review

Model : Chevrolet Cruze 1.8
Price : RM98,767.60 OTR.

The Malaysian automotive market is getting excited with many new models launching with very competitive pricing. Recently I spotted the latest Chevrolet Cruze and at first I mistakenly as a Toyota Camry from the rear. The overall size of the Cruze is spacious and with 1.8 litre engine the power should be sufficient.

I feel the rear of Cruze is the combination of Toyota Camry and Honda Civic.I think the designer maybe running out of ideas.

The 205/60/16 wheel with 5 spoke alloy rim.

The side mirror do not come with turn signal light.

Nothing special from the Cruze headlight.
The front grill was boldly design with huge air inlet opening. For the interior, I did not manage to get any photos but from Paul Tan review, it seem that the colour combination of the Cruze was not to my liking. View here ( ). Overall, the Chevrolet Cruze is a much improvement from the previous Chevrolet models and should be much attractive to the Malaysian drivers.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tadika Bestari Sports Day 2010

Location : Bangi Sports Complex
GPS Coordinates : N2 55.969 E101 45.994
Event : Tadika Bestari Sports Day 2010

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The event start with a group exercise by all the participants.

The teacher leading the event.

Rabbit boy.

Family members attending the event.

Guess the sweets competition.

Medals for the winners.

MC for the event.

Many prizes available.

The students all getting ready for the games to start.

The teacher giving instructions to the student.


The teacher getting ready for the next game.

"What you looking at?".

The ketupat weaving competition.

The winner for this competition won by this men participant.

Sweets and flour.

This boy getting excited before the "grabbing the sweets" event.

What a mess.

The Blue team was the overall team winner.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The New Updated Ani Sup Utara @ Puchong Indah

Location : Ani Sup Utara @ Puchong Indah
GPS Coordinates : N3 00.745 E101 36.223

Today I was around Puchong and feel like eating mee sup. I came to Ani Sup Utara @ Puchong Indah and to my surprise the restaurant already upgraded to a cafe style restaurant. The place renovated such like the one @ Ani Sup branch Bandar Baru Bangi. ( ). I guess they probably got some investor to turn it become a restaurant chain and got money to spice up the place.

You will never guess this place use to be the old Ani Sup. Feel like more kopitiam style restaurant.

Seem like Ani Sup also promoting some sweet desert.

Side walk mee sup cafe.

A new menu and also website

The food quality still nice as before but portion not as much as before. Pricing also increase. 

A must have with the sup. A hot chili sauce. If you not a chili lover better don't try.
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