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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mines Shopping Fair @ Seri Kembangan

Location : Mines Shopping Fair @ Seri Kembangan
GPS Coordinates : N3 01.641 E101 43.109

I never being to Mines Shopping fair for quite some time, it seem that it had undergone an expansion and renovation process. Outside view still look the same.

Digital enhance the photo to give it a HDR (High Defination Range) look. It definately look better than the original photo but still a long way to go compare to the pros.

This is the entrance to the Mines Wonderland. I don't know what so wonderful inside there but heard that got the musical fountain display at night. Check the below on youtube.

The video was shoot more than 3 years ago so don't know whether still exist now.

A water canal inside a shopping mall. Quite cool.

The place much improve from what I can remember before.

Many eateries and fast food chain available.

My favourite Nando's.

Must have the peri peri sauce with the peri peri chicken. I like the one with the garlic favour. 

What happened to that guy? Must be fallen asleep waiting for his dinner.

You can cool down with a cool herbal tea after a spicy hot Nando's. This shop seem so quiet with no patrons. Maybe the bitter herbal tea not everyone's cup of tea.


  1. Nice place. I'll going down to KL soon and hope that got time to visit it.

  2. Try visit this Mines Shopping Fair or the Mines Wonderland.

  3. Please be informed that Mines Shopping Fair had been rebranded to The Mines. You may refer to their website as follow -

  4. is this mines wonderland theme park has open right now??
    or it still in renovation??

  5. There is no theme park anymore at The Mines.


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