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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Make A Phone Call From A Public Phone Booth

Location : Simpang Ampat
GPS Coordinates : N2 25.890 E102 11.221

This phone booth may seem to be a normal pay phone booth and you may think how hard is it to make a phone call from a public phone booth. At first, I may feel the same but I found it quite ironic when I saw this phone booth at a Kampung area near Simpang Ampat Melaka. In my mind, a public phone should be coin operated or coin and card operated for any public convenience. This was not the case as this pay phone out of nowhere is only card operated. How in the world you can make a phone call without a phone card. Furthermore, there's no any shops available nearby to sell a phone card. I wonder how many person actually make a call from this phone. While it may be logical for Telekom Malaysia perspective to set up such a phone at a Kampung to avoid lost of income due to theft but really can't seem logical in a user perspective especially if you need to make a phone call urgently and you don't have a phone card. Probably Telekom Malaysia already done a survey on this and conclude that kampung people are more advance and they succeptible to higher technology.

Let us see a bit closer. No coin insert point sighted. I think I should insert my mycard or my visa card to make a call.

This public phone seem more logical as coin operated. Why can't this kind of phone install at the kampung area. Do give your comment and any sample if this kind of thing happen in your area.

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