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Friday, April 30, 2010

Night Market @ Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan

Location : Pasar Malam Port Dickson
GPS Coordinates : N2 30.092 E101 50.248

We reached the popular hangout for the locals and tourist which is the night market @ Port Dickson. We arrived around 6.30pm and the place already crowded with people. It took a while to search for parking and then we embarked on our jalan jalan thru the market. First thing that caught my eye was the stall selling tapai, a favourite among the locals here.

American seedless grapes.

Roti john. Wonder why it call roti john? Is it because of the long shape?

Keropok lekor. A popular snack originated from Trengganu.

This is fried chicken bone. KFC should also sell this in their restaurant.

Murtabak. Smell nice.

Nasi kerabu. A very colourful delicacies originated from the East coast of Peninsular Malaysia mainly around Kelantan area.

This is the first time I saw coffee seller with their grinding machine. This is what you call freshly grind coffee.

One of my favourite fruit. Mango.

Now you can see people selling crocs everywhere. You really can't tell which is real or imitation.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson

Location : Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson
GPS Coordinates : N2 29.417 E101 50.564

Got this nice penthouse apartment at Bayu Beach Resort Port Dickson. The view from the balcony was manificent. The surroundings is clean and quiet. A good place to relax and spent your weekends and holidays. 

Clear blue sky and deep blue sea. Feel like going for a swim but the hot blistering weather doesn't bring out the mood.
From the side of the apartment can see the winding coastal road.

If you have money, I think this is a nice place to invest for your weekend home or maybe your retirement home.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Restoran Sea View Seafood Village

Location : Restoran Sea View Seafood Village
GPS Coordinates : N2 32.586 E101 47.962

After jalan jalan at the pasar malam, feel really hungry and looking forward for our dinner at the Sea View seafood village restaurant situated at Port Dickson. The place not very difficult to find which situated near the Sea Front Hotel and parking also very easy.

The neon signboard in close view.

Just like any major seafood reastaurant in the country and abroad, you must have a major scale of aquariums to show off the range of seafood avilable at your restaurant.
Look at all the seafood available. Geoduck....I wonder what is that. I don't think I eaten this before. Anyway, the sign said "You Touch You Pay". Very scarry.
Live abolone. Must be very very expensive.

Live lobster. Not in the budget tonite. So save for another day.

These crab don't look huge to me but very pricey at Rm65 per kg. Sure or not?

First dish of the day, Malaysian favourite fried kangkong belacan. Yummy.

Fried omelette.

Steam " Forgot what fish " in teochew style. So so only. I think I steam will be better.

Fried baby kailan.

This was the leftover for the chilly crab when I took the picture as chilly crab wait for no picture.

The chilly crab died with good cause and crush in the hand of the mighty hammer.
All clean up..

Bill please. The casaulty of the day amounting to Rm161.65. Seem reasonable and will be coming back here when I visit Port Dickson again.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The New Updated Ipoh Station - Puchong Utama

Location : Ipoh Station Puchong Utama
GPS Coordinates : N2 59.428 E101 37.214
Recommend level : 3 Stars
Pricing : Reasonable

We arrived at Ipoh Station Puchong for our normal lunch and found that the antique theme cafe already added a new shop at the side. Seem like business improving for the expansion.

A barber shop replica at the entrance of the new shop.

This tricycle bring back the good old times.

Similar old theme cash counter as before. Kudos to the owner taking such effort decorating the place with many antique decorations.

An old jukebox machine at the side with many classic singers photos hanging on the wall.

I like this old style coffee shop sitting arrangement that brings out the classic feeling.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The New Honda Freed - Premium Compact MPV

Location : Honda Showroom USJ

I heard about the newly launched Honda Freed and decided to come and have and look at the Honda showroom situated at USJ Subang. When I reached, already saw the pearl colour Honda Freed park in front. First impression feel like a Honda Jazz extended or similar to the Perodua Alza.

 The headlight look like Jazz and the grill similar to the Honda City.

 The rear view of the vehicle look like a van.

 Power by an 1.5 I-Vtec engine similar to the one on the Honda City.

 The interior is spacious and very modern concept.

The major talking selling point of this mpv compare to others is the automatic sliding doors at both sides of the car. 

 The final important info about this vehicle will be the high price tag of Rm112,980. I feel it is overpriced and you will not be Freed from debt by buying this mpv. I was looking at the range of Rm80,000 to Rm90,000 and consider it is fully imported which you can probably justify a bit for the premium price tag.

Project Earthworms - How to Process Food For Your Earthworms

In my latest posting, I gonna share how to process your waste paper into easy digestive food for your pet earthworms that can transformed into good fertilizer for your plants.

The purpose to process this waste paper into tiny pieces is actually to increase the compost rate of the paper for the eartworms to feed on.

Preferable you use an old blender but if you don't have I guess you have no other choice. If you soak the paper in water for around 10 minutes, the paper will be soft enough to blend and not blunt the blender knife. After put in the paper, fill the blender around half cup of water then blend into small pieces.

The finish product.Yum yum for the earthworms.

Bon appetit my dear earthworms. Healthy recycle organic paper meal. 

A half compost paper that feed to the earthworms around 1 month ago. Still not fully consume by the worms yet. Estimate the pile of blended paper will take around 1 month time to dissappear from the surface.

Another experiment inside an used fish tank.

Close up of the final product.

Still some leftovers of the blended paper left compost in the container to be feed to the worms later.
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