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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Global Warming Affecting People Lives At Sunway PJ.

Location : Sunway Pyramid
GPS Coordinates : N3 04.398 E101 36.426

I think you have a shock when you read the topic but actually it serve as a warning to all that under estimate the consequences that global warming  may bring if we don't cut down carbon emission immediately. Although it is nice to see the beautiful neon lights but over consumption of electricity is one of the causes of global warming. Lets hope the world don't end like in the movie 2012.

Sunway Hotel cover in beautiful lightings.

You can feel the christmas atmosphere here.

Golden deer of Sunway Hotel.

The deer must be missing the life in the wilderness.

Feel like in the zoo with all these aninals around.

Make a wish under the tree.

This chandelier must cost a fortune.

Still can't get enough of this beautiful sight.

Go check in google whether the Malaysian Government set up a ministry called Misnistry of Sound.

The center piece of all the decorations.

The future is tree with neon lights. Start contributing to the cause of protecting the environment.

Traffic jam every where burning fuel contributing to global warming.

Behold the Sphinx.

Don't have to be at Egypt to witness the Sphinx.

Must come one day to try bubba gump shrimp.

Forest Gump must be proud of Bubba.


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