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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ayer Hitam Johor - Land of the Pottery and Crafts

Location : Ayer Hitam Johor
GPS Coordinates : N1 55.589 E103 10.865

Porcelain Inn Sdn Bhd or famously known as PISB is one of the famous shops at Ayer Hitam selling pottery and plastic flower decoration. It have a own superstore situated at gps coordinates N1 54.847 E103 10.691.Pricing wise I not very sure coz I'm never compare the pricing before but judging from its popularity and the size of its store, it should have some advantages compare to other competitors.

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Colourful variety available

Another major pottery seller in the area, Tebikar Ah Son situated at gps coordinates N1 55.248 E103 10.856.

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Some many items available until the goods do not have enough space to display inside the shop. Macam macam ada.

I personally like this shops as they selling wood products like clocks and many many handicrafts. Do stop over at Ayer Hitam if you on your way from JB to KL or vice versa. you may find what you looking for.

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