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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC)

Location : Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC)
GPS Coordiantes : N2 53.668 E101 40.614

PICC is situated strategically on top of a hill at Putrajaya. You simply can't miss this building if you drive around here as the shape is quite unique and I must say it look like the Hong Kong Convention Center. Fore more info, please visit

View from the top at PICC.

 The convention center in a park concept.

This is what PICC look like from above the sky.

This green lung in the PICC serve as a place for the smokers to get a puff in the open.

The information and registration counter.

The restroom is well decorated like a 5 star hotel. You can do your business here in style.

The PICC spare no expense for the beautiful landscaping around the vicinity.

United Nations.

People enjoying a cruise at the nearby lake.

The full view of the PICC from far.

This structure seem like a flood control or water dam.

Shot on the bridge.

The view under the bridge. The water clear and no rubbish sighted. A change of scenery from the normal rivers or lakes in Malaysia.


  1. Nice shots. :) Have a nice day

  2. nice one..even i'm living here..don't know much about that

  3. Nice photos.
    Was wondering. Can we enter PICC just like that or can we only enter when there are occasions?


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