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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Beauty Of Nature

Hi....just want to share some of my shoot of beautiful flowers in the gardens.

Pink hisbiscus, Malaysia national flower.

Little purple flower growing from the wild.

Red hisbiscus.

Vibrant red colour.

Yellow trumpet flower.

Hmmm...nice 1..

Stand out from the crowd.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saba' Restaurant Middle Eastern Food Cyberjaya

Location : Restoran Saba' Middle Eastern Arab Food Cyberjaya.
GPS Coordinates : N2 55.370 E101 39.072
Address :4800 Suite 02 grd flr
              CBD Perdana Cyberjaya
Tel : 03-83202544

We reach our destination Saba' Restaurant. Famous for its authentic middle eastern food. Don't miss this place if you at Cyberjaya.

One of the staffs cutting the chicken kebab.

Many customers already seated around 6pm. The place normally pack with people around 8pm with people coming from mainly from Putrajaya and students study nearby at Lim Kok Wing University.

The menu in english and arabic.

Variaty of choices available.

My favourite, roasted chicken with rice.

The red sauce come with the roast chicken rice and beside is the lebanese bread.

Barbican, a non alcoholic malt drink. Many flavours available and my favourite is peach.

Forgot what this call but very nice.

A feast of roast chicken...yum yum..

The restaurant view at night.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flea Market @ Mardi Agro Exposition Park Serdang "MAEPS"

Location : Weekend Bazaar @ MAEPS
GPS Coordinates : N2 58.660 E101 41.202

This flea market or bazaar is held every Saturday from 9am to 11pm. Entrance is free for visitors and sellers. More info please visit:

 We reach the bazaar at MAEPS around 5pm.

Bling bling accessories for sale.

Seem like many booths selling crocs.

One of the booth claimed that they sell 100% original crocs.

The weather seem like raining soon.

Mobile steamboat.

Chocolate fountain.

Lets have a dip.

Many chocolate products for sale.

Highly recommended chocolate cup cake for sale. Must have item if you visit the bazaar.

Some of the used items for sale including lion head.

Many 2nd hand shoes for sale.

Bullet casing.

Liverpool fans must have item.

A go-cart track near the bazaar.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ATP Tour Malaysia 2009 - Davydenko Vs Dent

Event : ATP Tour Malaysia Open 2009
Location : Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium Kuala Lumpur
Match : Davydenko Vs Dent
GPS Coordinates : N3 03.231 E101 41.607

The toss of coin between Davydenko and Dent with referee Carlos.
Dent arguing a point with Carlos.
Huge scoreboard on top.

Nikolay warming up for the match.

Dent sweating hard in the Malaysian weather.

Nikolay returning a shot.

Signature Davydenko backhand return.

Nikolay serving.

Strong forehand return from Davydenko.

Davydenko attempting an overhead smash.

The ball boy concentrating on the match.

The press busy at work.

The winner Davydenko interview by the announcer after the match.

Dent signing the autograph before leaving the court.

Dent leaving the court.

Another big gun at work.

Davydenko signing the autograph before leaving.

Davydenko throwing the signature ball into the crowd.

My dream job.

A hard day work.

Which head is more sexy?

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