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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Proton Inspira Review

Car : Proton Inspira 2.0GT
Price : Rm91,999 OTR

Excited to hear that Proton already launched their new Proton Inspira ( aka Mitsubishi Lancer copy ). I dropped by the Puchong Proton showroom and already there are mountain of people catching their sights at the hot new Proton Inspira. At first, I warmed up my excitment with a 1.8 CVT maroon colour Proton Inspira parking outside the showroom. My first impression was that the front bumper design not as agressive and appealing as the Lancer GT.

The rear not much difference from the Lancer.

The vehicle come with Continental ContiComfort 205/60R16. Looking at the size of the tyre, Proton going for comfort with this vehicle.

Inside the showroom is the 2.0GT version. It comes with leather seat, body kit and spoiler.

Almost identical with the lancer. Direct copycat.

The 2.0 aluminium MIVEC engine.  

Many buttons to play with.

 This photo demonstrate the Inspira boot space. Personally nothing to shout about as this more to a performance car than a family car.

One thing I will consider to modify is the front bumper to make it more agressive look.

Sample of body kit for your consideration. 

A must change for the car fanatic. The rear light with LED. Cool looking. In conclusion, I believe the price for Inspira is fantastic and it certainly hot up the local car market and also the acessories for those modify car craze people.


  1. yup.. this car worth of money if you get it

  2. Yeap planning to buy the 2.0CVT but waiting list very long as 60% of Inspira sales on the 2.0 version.

  3. I believe the malaysian road will soon be full of proton inspira.

  4. This car is very worth it in Peninsular Malaysia but not in Langkawi. It is more expensive than the Mitsubishi Lancer in Langkawi.

  5. If not because of the excise tax, I believe the Lancer will be cheaper. That's why Proton will profit a lot from this Inspira.

  6. How much it cost to convert that...


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