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Friday, November 5, 2010

Festival Of Wings @ Kapar Ash Pond

Location : Kapar Ash Pond
Events : Festival Of Wings ( Pesta Sayap 2010 )
GPS Coordinates : N3 07.432 E101 19.008

The festival Of Wings or Pesta Sayap held at the Kapar Ash Pond on the 23 -24 October 2010. This is the yearly event as the Kapar Ash Pond will be open to public for the viewing of migratory birds. The person in charge commented that in future this ash pond will not be suitable for the migratory birds as the power plant may opted for another technology to dispose the ashes which will not be suitable for the birds to live in.

The Kelab Pencinta Alam Malaysia set up these telescope for the visitors easy viewing of the migratory birds.

Look at the dote.

I fascinated by this gadget. 

Look out for the birds.

Wow...this baby will take excellent photos. 400mm zoom lens. 

Leica telescope. Must be very expensive.

This pipe transport the ash water from the power plant to the pond.

The members from Kelab Pencinta Alam setting up the information board.

The board contains some photos and info about the migratory birds.

The view of the ash pond.

Spotted the Brahminy Kite or Helang Merah.

Crop this photo to get a better view but still quite far.

This photo show a better photo of the Helang Merah. Very similar to the american eagle.

The great egret.

The birds start to return from the feeding place at around 2pm.

The 400mm in action. 

This should be the twin whimbrel.

The Kapar Power Plant. The biggest power plant in Malaysia running on coal.

Whimbrel in action.

Close up.

The great egret.

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