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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project Earthworms - How to Process Food For Your Earthworms

In my latest posting, I gonna share how to process your waste paper into easy digestive food for your pet earthworms that can transformed into good fertilizer for your plants.

The purpose to process this waste paper into tiny pieces is actually to increase the compost rate of the paper for the eartworms to feed on.

Preferable you use an old blender but if you don't have I guess you have no other choice. If you soak the paper in water for around 10 minutes, the paper will be soft enough to blend and not blunt the blender knife. After put in the paper, fill the blender around half cup of water then blend into small pieces.

The finish product.Yum yum for the earthworms.

Bon appetit my dear earthworms. Healthy recycle organic paper meal. 

A half compost paper that feed to the earthworms around 1 month ago. Still not fully consume by the worms yet. Estimate the pile of blended paper will take around 1 month time to dissappear from the surface.

Another experiment inside an used fish tank.

Close up of the final product.

Still some leftovers of the blended paper left compost in the container to be feed to the worms later.

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