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Monday, May 31, 2010

Berjaya Resort Tioman Island

Location : Berjaya Resort Tioman Island
GPS Coordinates : N02 48.540 E104 08.552

We reached the reception area at the Berjaya Resort Tioman Island to check in after taking the free ride from the jetty.

The surrounding near the reception area.

Video footage of the beach near the reception area.

After checking in, we went to our chalet.

The chalet is in front of a small stream.

The view around the chalet.

 Twin single bed sharing. This room cost around Rm400+ but good for me as I don't have to pay a cent for it..

 Another cat spotted lazily lying on the balcony.

I took a stroll on the beach. 

 Nice bench for people to relax and do some sunbathing.

 2 mat salleh enjoying the sun. I just hiding under the shade and preparing for tomorrow snokeling trip.

 The view from the bench.

 The sand not as nice as Redand Island.

 Beautiful sunset.

Getting darker and feeling hungry for dinner. 

 Quite a nice shot using my Nokia N86. Did not bring my DSLR coz too heavy..

 Main dining area.

 Buffet zone.

 Sneak into the hall as there are some function going on and got some live singing.

 The pool area.

The small island at the right side is a main place for snorkeling.


  1. nice shots. :) I haven't been to TIoman yet.

  2. Wow..looks amazing there. The room so expensive?? haha! :D

  3. better go there fast if got the chance coz all the corals dying. I heard frm my fren that Redang island the same. All the corals dying due to increase temperature of the sea.


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