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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Restoran Bangi Village SteamBoat

Location : Restoran Bangi Village SteamBoat
GPS Coordinates : N2 58.182 E101 46.477
Price : Rm19.90/ person ( all you can eat )

A week day night and going around Bangi area finding what to eat. Check from the gps indicating a steamboat restaurant and decided to give it a try.

Many selection of clams, fish ball and seafood. However, only 2 types of vegetables available for selection. My thinking a good steamboat restaurant should provide more selections of vegetables for the customers.

Seem quite popular for the locals. Maybe they just curious with the restaurant as they not so many steamboat restaurant around.

2 type of soup available, 1 is like herbal soup and another is tomyam soup. The barbecue section is for sharing only located near the food selection area. Probably a good idea to keep the area less smokey.

Wow, the bill cost Rm39.80. I feel the price not justify of the varieties of and freshness of the food provided. The place is not aircon and I recommend to wear t-shirt or shorts if you want to enjoy your dinner rather than sweating over it. The verdict is that Bangi Village steamboat have to improve on the food selection or maybe cut down on the pricing if want to be competitive.


  1. Rm19.90 only?? Very cheap! :D

  2. ha ha..this bangi steamboat sure cheaper than hotel price la..

  3. murah la gak.. cuma x tau camne nak kesana.. :p
    pilihan banyak tak??

  4. Map ada kat atas...pilihan agak banyak tapi pilihan sayur kurang je...

  5. ...interesting...
    ...kalau nak booking tempat utk celebrate birthday or just family day bole k?...

  6. 03-8926 4701 untuk booking...

  7. ooo nie kek rumah den yoo... g lar.. ok gak restoran nie...

  8. boleh tahan la...boleh try ni bangi steamboat.

  9. ooo xpayah la pegi k...restoran ni da tutup..xlaku agaknyer...saye pegi ari nie nk survey tok celebrate father's day..kawasan tu blum membangun lg..xleh survive dats y da tutup...

  10. sedihnya dengar berita ni...

  11. Atas beberapa sebab Bangi Village Steamboat kini berpindah ke Taman Damai Mewah Kajang berdekatan SM Teknik Kajang. Terima kasih kepada para pelanggan yg masih mengingati kami...


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