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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kimtal B Kopitiam Style Restaurant IOI Boulevard Puchong

Location : Kimtal B Kopitiam Style Restaurant IOI Boulevard Puchong
GPS Coordinates : N3 02.788 E101 37.345

Today I gonna introduce yet another kopitiam new kid on the block Kimtal B. First impression you may think...Kimtal what? I totally cannot get the meaning of this restaurant name. Try to search some info from but under construction. So, never mind. The restaurant is nicely located at the corner of IOI Boulevard Puchong and is well decorated and eye catching.

Nice chairs to sit on and relax.

Since is the World Cup season, the big screen works as a giat magnet for fans to dine and watch the football match. I think this match is between Holland and Japan.

This is the so call Canai Bar. No alcohol but the addictive local delight roti canai as you may guess already.

This fried bihun quite tasty with the spicy belacan is a good combination.

Dry curry mee with the pinki air bandung.

A Tan (a.k.a STIMIX) order this 4 season mee. 4 types of mee available in a single plate. A good idea indeed.

I order this simple spagghetti dish. The taste not bad but no tobasco to add on to the flavour.

Many patrons excited with the match going on and may not care what they eat in their tummy. Final verdict, Kimtal B Kopitiam deserve me to come back for another try although the food a bit pricey but quite tasty. Give it a try and leave your comment. Thanks.


  1. Hi, an entailing tale of exploits you got here. You sure do bring your readers to exciting experiences. Cheers and more power always!

    Cebu Urbano

  2. customer service is really bad. i think it wont survive long.

    i had lamb chop which was ok. i like the cole slaw but the lamb is nothing to shout about. also tried the chow kueh teow which was good. the lemon grass chicken stick thing is horrible – so tough and coarse

    will not go back again thats for sure

  3. sorry to hear your experience on Kimtal B. I guess many restaurants will neglect customer service when their business is good until they lose it 1 day...

  4. nice restaurant
    the waiter are also well trained!

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