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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PJ Trade Centre Damansara Perdana - LHDN Branch

Location : PJ Trade Centre Damansara Perdana - LHDN Branch
GPS Coordinates : N3 10.051 E101 36.778

Today I went to PJ Trade Centre Damansara Perdana to settle my income tax matters at the LHDN branch located there. The branch just relocated from Kelana Jaya to here not long ago. The first thing that caught my eye was the Bata warehouse sale banner hanging on the lamp post. Looks like it won't be a boring day after all.

 The sale was quite dissappointing but at least something to do while waiting for my turn at the counter.

 The Bata head office looks impressive.

 The waiting area for guest.

 A big sign hanging above.

 Lembaga hasil dalam negeri.

 This is the lift for the disable. Very thoughtful of the management here.

 The front reception counter.

This is the ticketing machine. No need to line up for your turn. 

 The building here seem very european as the wall not covered by cement.

 Office workers here can come for this CHI gym after or maybe before work.

 The surrounding covered by lush green.Very nice. Many cafes available too.

 Emkay land sales office.


 Construction  works on going in front of the PJ Trade Centre.



  1. I heard it's an eco friendly buliding. Is it true?

  2. I believed it is...the building very environment friendly by not using any paints on the wall..

  3. where do we park?... hahaha


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