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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Animation Comic Game Convention 2009

Location : Tropicana City Mall
GPS Coordinates : N3 07.853 E101 37.621
Website :

This event held earlier on March 21st and 22nd. The participants dress up as comic characters and display proudly to all the people in the competition held during the event.

This character looks very interesting. I feel his looks very similar to Chapman To as photo below star in Hong movies like Initial D and many famous movies. More info on him can be found at

Huh....when I ever dress up as a comic character?

Check out all the jewellery dude!!!

Oh man! Where is the ghostbusters?

Character from the Star Wars.

Lolipop girl.

Looks so sad.

Too much thinking until hair all turn white. Not healthy must see doctor.

All the photographer getting ready before the competition starts.

One of the judges.

This one from the pikachu family.

Dragon ball dude part time as a judge.

MC for the day.

Aiksss...too bad I have to take photos....if not I sure wear my superman costume and my red shining underwear to show everybody...

Dun play play with this samurai dude as he gonna chop you in pieces if you ever dare go on the stage.

This boy and girl must be lost "sesat" as they seem like going to a party or something.

"Chapman To" displaying his hip hop tricks.

General Maximus from the Gladiator displaying his smelly armpit killing all the enemy beside him.

The judges busy at work after witnessing so many colourful and unique characters on display.


  1. Waha, nice nice. Can't wait to see you in Superman costume. :)

  2. Ha ha superman can't fight General Maximus armpit skills..


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