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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aladdin Restaurant Kelana Jaya

Location : Aladdin Restaurant Kelana Jaya
GPS coordinates : Doesn't matter
Ratings : Lousy

I saw one review on tv on this restaurant and decided to come to try it out. Located near the Kelana Jaya giant hypermarket.. This is a chinese halal restaurant that services Chinese and western food with a little of Hong Kong mixture food concept. The restaurant is well decorated but not many crowd sighted at the restaurant. While inside the restaurant, I do my usual thing snapping photos here and there and to my surprise the manager came over and told me that no photos allowed. I said ok and thought that this restaurant must be damm good with their food and not wanting anyone copy cat them. I ordered some noodles ( handmade) and roast duck with high hopes of good food. When the food came, I saw the duck drenched in a sauce and look wet. I tasted it and then was very dissappointed. The noodles also so so only and I think my own cook cintan noodles well better than this. In my opinion, don't waste your time here and better eat home cook instant noodles.


  1. bohzo (hello)

    Thanks for joining! I like your site, especially the end global warming. Something is wrong with mybog log and it did not register you for some reason, i am VERY concerned about global warming and blog very often on this issue.

    Megwetch (Thank You)

  2. The food there is not bad I guess, maybe a lil pricy. I stay near there!

  3. well i guess probably I went there a bad food day. Anyway, I feel the attitude have to improve.

  4. Pretty cute name for a restaurant eh....

  5. Hi, looks like a nice resto for foodies to try out. Sure is a great venue for the palate!

  6. ha ha...looks like many supporters for this Aladdin restoran kelana jaya...


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