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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Project Earthworms - Earthworms Castings

In this posting, I gonna share the sample of what earthworms castings look like. From my previous posting, I share the method of rearing earthworms in the plastic garbage bin From the previous setup, it maybe difficult to see what the product of vermicompost. Therefore, I release some earthworms inside the flower pot and hope to create a natural habitat for the little fellow to breed and create its castings.

The dark brown silinder like earthworms castings.

More visible at the side of the pot.

Put some dry leaves and paper cuttings inside the pot for the earthworms to feed on. In about 1 month time, you will see the castings that can use as fertilizer for your organic farm.

All natural earthworms fertilizer ready to use.

This little fellow gonna enter the planeteer hall of fame for saving the earth from pollution and recycle waste into brown gold.

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