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Thursday, February 14, 2013

WaterView Restaurant Danok Thailand

Location : Waterview Restaurant Danok Thailand
GPS Coordinates : N06.52699 E100.43654

When you visit Danok Thailand, you can try out the Waterview Restaurant which is very scenic and the food very tasty and affordable.

The Waterview Restaurant quite far from Danok town centre and you can to catch a ride on this motorbike taxi which cost around 150baht.

The motorbike ride took around 15mins.

The restaurant nicely design as small hut around the lake for patron to enjoy the lake scenery.

Very simple but cosy hut for patrons to enjoy their food.

These water taxi transport the food from kitchen to the hut. A very unique way to serve food the its customers.

Water cowboy delivering your order.

The food seem more tasty with this side entertainment.

Yummy...sweet sour shrimp.

Must try the osyter as very fresh and big.

Visitors here can buy live fish for release back to the lake which symbolize good deed.

Live long and prosper..

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