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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Japanese Village Bukit Tinggi Pahang

Location : Japanese Village Bukit Tinggi Pahang
GPS Coordinates : N3 25.122 E101 50.526

You have to walk up the slope to get to the Japanese Village from the parking. Good exercise with nice scenery and good clean refreshing air.

A good place to come with your family for some relaxing healthy activity.

The Japanese theme landscaping done at the place. The cool weather add on to the foreign country feeling.

Japanese Koi pond.

So relaxing watching the fishes swimming around.

World's first Japanese tea house in the tropical forest.

Many places to visit and experience at the Japanese Village. 

Tatami Spa at the Japanese Village not as those at Japan where they have outdoor hot spring. 

You can suit up in a kimono and experience living like a Japanese.

A replica of a traditional Japanese house.

No entry, only for tea ceremony and visitors wearing kimono.

Poster promoting activity at the village.

Where's your mummy?

Visitors happily posing for photos.

Red kimono lady.

This our local kimono lady.

Natural spring water. 

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