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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FGS Dong Zen Temple Fo Guang Shan 佛光山东禅寺

Location : FGS Dong Zen Temple Jenjarom
Website :
GPS Coordinates : N2 52.144 E101 29.458

A beautiful night photo from MyCen of the FGS Dong Zen Temple. Dong Zen Temple a famous buddhist temple and best time of visit during chinese new year as the temple will stage cultural events, floral festivals and well decorated with red lanterns.

One thing good coming here is free parking, so don't worry about spending too long at this place.

Many miniature pagoda near the entrance. 

I guess this stone statue to scare away the bad spirits to enter the temple.

Nice Buddhist statues and water fountain inside the temple.

Big pillars with nice chinese paintings on it.

Inside the mall hall.

Devotee praying for health and happinese.

There's a mini Buddha memorial center at the temple to visit.

This guy busy at work graving scripture on the wood piece.

Shhhhh.....quiet please..

This place worth visit for art lovers.

There's a counter selling related Buddhist material.

This hall mainly for exhibition and also seminars.

Nice landscaping done at the temple.

During festive seasons or chinese new year there will be food bazaar selling health products for visitors.

This young Manchester United fan very matching red with the temple outlook.

Well dress for the occasion.

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