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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Luxgen 7 MPV Review

Many people would not even heard of Luxgen before and you can't even see this car in Malaysia. However, I had the chance of having a ride on this luxurious mpv at Taiwan and felt amaze with its styling and technology.

Here we are, the focus of the day Luxgen 7 mpv. Locally developed and build in Taiwan.
Cool auto sliding door at both sides. Very convenient for passengers to enter and exit the vehicle.
The design very similar to the Toyota Estima but the the Estima have more sharper curvy design. 
Very high tech and luxurious feel of the dashboard.
A good view from the the windscreen for driver and passenger.
First time see the blindspot turning monitor technology in action.
You can have a 360 degress view of the activity around the car and a very good safety feature.
A clear blue sky day for a ride and truly impress by the Luxgen 7 mpv. Hopefully it will launch in Malaysia soon.


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