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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bank Negara, Genneva Malaysia Gold Conspiracy Theory

Bank Negara raided Genneva Malaysia on 1st Oct and already more than 2 months yet no official charge against Genneva Malaysia on the initial suspicion of the following:

1) MLM activities.
2) Violation under the BAFIA and AMLA act 
3) Complaints from customer about delay in gold delivery.

However, the whole gold fiasco took a twisted turn when nine disgruntled customers filed a suit against Genneva Malaysia and its directors for failure to deliver gold for customers and syariah compliance issues. This suit took center stage on the news and many would wonder how on earth this case can get so much coverage on news. Hence, a conspiracy theory or delay tactics by BNM surface among the Genneva Malaysia Supporters Group. Well, you can't blame them for this as it involved big sum of money and no official charge being made and this case may prolong further the suffering of many genneva customers.  Anyway, BNM must first act on the raid on 1st October and give all Genneva customers what is the outcome of the raid and BNM next course of action. BNM started all these without solid proof before action and giving the time to investigate, BNM must answer to all the Genneva customers BNM suppose to rescue. No more "TAICHI MR BNM"

An interesting article from the Genneva Supporters Group:

It’s so obvious lah, (Mr) BNM (Officer) 

Does BNM, or rather the “Little Napoleon” within, really take us for fools?
Little-NapoleanHow on earth does a lawyer who has just been admitted to the Malaysian bar on 20thApril 2012, in a law firm with three lawyers(this is mentioned to raise a point only and NOT meant to be disrespectful to the lawyer or the firm in any way, form or manner), representing supposedly nine disgruntled customers out of a total 60,000, filing a suit against Genneva Malaysia for Syariah-compliant issues, get such publicity in major newspapers and even news coverage on TV when the voices of the thousands of customers and consultants speaking for the company were suppressed and whatever little comments that had airtime edited to the point of fabricating facts?
This appears to be the latest form of wicked fear-mongering contrived by the hidden hands to again instil fear and confusion amongst Genneva Malaysia’s customers. It appears to be another attempt to ‘divide and rule’ intended to break the unity that bonded the tens of thousands of Genneva Malaysia’s supporters nationwide who stood with 1 VOICE against their oppressors.
The unity amongst Genneva Malaysia’s customers must have been a major stumbling block to the evil deeds of these hidden hands.
It is only obvious that to overcome this stumbling block, these customers must be made to act against Genneva Malaysia.
Hence, the numerous attempts prior to this latest charade inciting customers to rebel against the company.
This latest act was supposed to be another nail in the coffin which the Little Napoleon of BNM has prepared for Genneva Malaysia.
However, with the Little Napolean’s twisted deeds exposed in the articles titled Open Letter to Deputy Finance Minister & BNM and Why BNM’s credibility is questionable”, this latest stunt may well be another nail in the Little Napoleon’s own coffin instead.
Remember, one may fool some people some of the time but not all the people all the time.
Gennevarians are not fools, Little Napoleon of BNM. Why should we go after the company? It will only benefit you if we do. You will then have more reasons to prolong your investigations and let our case fade by the wayside, just like what you have done to other gold companies.
You orchestrated all events leading to your raid. You seized our gold. You seized our money. You froze the company. You robbed our rights to our livelihood. You want to wash your hands by inciting the customers to act against the company that provided for us to justify your raid. You are still trying to justify your large scale raid 3 months on, whilst 300,000 innocent victims suffer daily from your actions.
Actually, we should be filing a suit against YOU instead!
BNM, we sincerely hope you realise the folly of your Little Napoleon. Restore your reputation. Release Genneva Malaysia so that it can resume business and take care of the 300,000 victims of your Little Napoleon.

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  1. what a delusional person. let just hope you wake up soon from your dream


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