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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Angling & Outdoor Recreational Fair

Event : Angling & Outdoor Recreational Fair
Location : Komplek Sukan Kelana Jaya
GPS Coordinates : N3 05.752 E101 35.632

This event specially dedicated for the fishing enthusiasts.

There some fishing game going on outside the Kompleks Sukan. 

If you can afford buying a boat, I believe this is a good time looking at the flood situation constantly hitting the country very highly link to the effect of global warming. 

Corridor leading to the entrance to the exhibition hall.

Garmin was the main sponsor of the event. A gps device maybe your best friend if the wilderness.

The 'Garmin Girls" busy chatting. 

"Pancing" magazine. 

Shimano not just famous for bicycle gear set but also for fishing equipment.

Many types of reel available.

Very nicely display in the glass cabinet.

This red 1 caught my eye and I believe the price can reach in the thousand.

This is the replica torch for the 2008 Olympic games.

Kelah Action Group Of Malaysia also known as KAGUM. A conservation group aiming to conserve, sustain and develop these valuable resources. More info can be found at

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