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Monday, December 6, 2010

Waterski & WakeBoard Championship Putrajaya 2010 - Part 1

Location : Putrajaya Water Sports Complex
Event : Waterski & WakeBoard Championship Putrajaya 2010
GPS Coordintes :

Today got a waterski and wakeboard championship held at the Putrajaya Water Sports Complex.

I never being to this place but the view is simply stunning. 

Opposite the Sports Complex is the Pullman Lakeside Resort. A very lovely place. 

This sports complex very similar looking to the Burj Al Arab Hotel at Dubai.

The rear view of the structure.

The sky seem very blue today. A lovely day for water sports.

This couple enjoying some time chatting on the small jetty.

Some contestants getting ready for some action.

Love this view. Shot using 35mm F1.8. Very nice and affordable lens.

Some of the gear use by the contestants.

You won't get lost with this clear direction.

View from the surface of the water. 

This speed boat use for the event.

An interesting bike use by some kids cycling around the area. Seem very fun but don't know comfortable or not. 

One of the contestant in action making a big splash.

You need a strong arm for this sport.

This guy flying.

My fellow photographers checking out their kill for the day.

This guy from the UAE I think. One of the top contenders.

Look at the height.

Very good control.

One hand superman.

Try another angle.

A very difficult move. Changing hand while turning.

Done for the day.

Some people checking out the information board.

To be continue....

1 comment:

  1. I have a great time there..such a lovely site to wakeboarding..thanks for the picture,do you mind if i can get a copy for the picture with a better resolution?
    pic number 16 -18 thx before.


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