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Friday, January 21, 2011

My First Bangkok Trip - Part 1

Destination : Bangkok, Thailand.
Days : 5 Days
Purpose : Business Trip

Reach KLIA around 2pm to catch the KL-BKK flight on Malaysian Airlines at 3.45pm.

The check in counter is not crowded which is a good sign.

I like these aircraft models.

The aerotrain still in service when i went to Bangkok but now should be temporary suspended for upgrade.

The girl in the photo seem like lost in translation.

A rainy day.

Anyone being to this KLIA Jungle Boardwalk. I try to enter but was locked. 

Duty free shopping.

Saudi Airlines.

VIP buggy ride. 

Full of Celcom advertisement in blue.

Reach Bangkok International and first impresssion was it was huge.

Roaming with TH GSM. Do remember to turn off your data service if not you will receive a shocker from your telco.

On the way to immigration and collect the luggage.

Finally reach the immigration check point.

Safely passed the customs and collecting my luggage.

I took a taxi from the airport. Just tell the lady at the stands where you going in english and she will translate and informed the driver. Most of the drivers don't speak english. 

Sunset in Bangkok.

My taxi driver.

Another taxi driver.

Reach the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel at the popular Sukhumvit road. The ride cost me 350 baht. The taxi here don't use meter so don't bother look at the meter.

Reasonable room.

Bath tub with jacuzzi..

After putting my stuffs, time to go out for dinner.

Don't know where to go but just follow the main road.

Big city, heavy traffic. 

Motorist seem dominating the streets of Bangkok.

My dinner at Bangkok. Mc Donald's. Just point to the photos at the counter and pay the amount shown at the cash register machine.

After dinner walk around. Traffic jam.


Time Square Bangkok. 

E cosway shop. The shops here close around 8.30 - 9pm. 

Fast and furious in Bangkok.

to be continue....


  1. nice trip you have there :D well the taxi uses meter but if you take the taxi from the airport, they will charge you flat rate..more so, it's cheaper if you take a taxi at the departure hall whereby you can just catch the taxi directly when they drop a passenger...this way, they use meter...and they are even more honest compare to the local taxi driver in Malaysia.

  2. Taxi without using meter??? You are very unlucky then... I'd taken taxi many times in Bkk but still they used the!!!


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