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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fish Valley Semenyih

Location : Fish Valley Semenyih
GPS Coordinates : N2 58.335 E101 52.102

Everyone knows Mid Valley Shopping Mall but have you heard of Fish Valley, a fishing heaven for fishing fanatics. At first when I heard of this place I thought it was a joke but when I reached here, everything seem unbelievable true. When you reached here, you have to register and pay at this booth set up near the pond. There are 2 types of ponds, 1 for the normal less than 3 kg fish pond and 1 more than 3 kg big fish pond. Normal pond cost Rm10 unlimited hours and big pond cost Rm20 unlimited hours. If you want to take back the fish caught, the price will be charge by the kg with the price listed on the board.

Beautiful surroundings with many bamboo trees for the shade.

This is the place where they slaughter the fish.

The price is listed on the board. Many types of fish available: haruan, talapia, pacu, rohu and many more.

After a hard day catch, you can go to this restaurant to have a hearty meal.

This doggie having a nice rest beside the pond.

Nothing is spare for a good catch. Everything must in order including the chair.

Strange to see pineapple beside the pond. Side business for the Fish Valley owner perhaps.

These little frogs waiting to be the snakehead fish ( ikan haruan ) bait.

This is how you hook up the bait for a good catch.

View from the leaves of the bamboo tree.

A little spider is hauling its prey.

Baby haruan caught by the net.

A green worm sighted on the rod.

Ikan talapia caught but later let go.

What is this?

The answer is ikan haruan.

This is the way to keep it fresh before the big meal.


  1. so did u cook the fish on the spot?
    great experience...
    nanged u. Nang this to read "STOP, please let me DO u....." tq v much

  2. damn.. looks good. thx for the post. now u make me wanna start fishing again.

  3. a great place for relax. Yeap, we ate the fish at the restaurant.

  4. this fish valley @ semenyih really a good place to relax. Too bad too far to me as I stay around PJ and can't go there often.

  5. Is the place still full of fish? cos I dont want to go there and be disappointed...

  6. which is the best spot to fish in Selangor? I might be going fishing during this weekend or the next.


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