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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Famous Hing Leong Kapar Tyre Shop

Location : Hing Leong Tyre Jalan Kapar, Klang
GPS Coordinates : N3 03.225 E101 26.814

I spend half a day at the famous Hing Leong tire shop at Jalan Kapar Klang and spend RM800 for 4 new Michelin PP2 tire size 185/55/15. Quite happy for the investment as my ride feel more comfort and quiter but maybe due to psychological factor as the need to find justification of spending Rm800....

The signboard that will attract you from far.

2nd hand tyres and rims for sale.

My car waiting for the new tyres to arrive.

A very popular place for locals and people from outstation to change tyres and rims.

A supervisor directing the show there.

The workers start taking off the old tyres,

Removing the tyres from the rim.

Balancing the tyres on the machine after inflating it with nitrogen gas.

Final piece of work, check for alignment.

According to the sifu, only front need alignment since the back is permanent lock.

Mountains of rims for your choice.

Which one is your choice of rims?


  1. do u have Hin Leong cobtact number?

  2. Hin leong Tyre services sbn bhd. Tel 03-33439100, fax 33422896.

  3. good tyre price but service is such a rip off!

    The boss and the manager (owner's brother) are both very rude! The manager could not even explain the features of tyre properly and even told me that all tyre threads were more or less the same!

    Besides, they were constantly trying to convince me to change the sport rims!

  4. Yeap...the price at Hing Leong Klang is excellent but service not so good. If you ask a lot of info like tyre type, performance, blah blah...they won't layan you so much.

  5. This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

    Tyres For Sale

  6. even call them for enquiries they also wont layan u?

  7. why thats happened?..kedai sudah x perlu layan costomer elok elok...
    tal layan pon customer masih datang....
    this is wrong attitude...

  8. Hing Leong too power already and they know they the cheapest in the market therefore customer service = 0..


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