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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Genneva Malaysia Gold Saga On Youtube

The Genneva Malaysia Gold Saga still continue with many consultants and customers do not have an clue and actual fact why BNM raided the premise and taken away gold that actually belong to its customers. Many conspiracy theory emerges and only time will tell the truth. The public still waiting for the official announcement by Genneva and sources mentioned Genneva will release a statement when the company Chairman Tengku Muhaini Sultan Ahmad Shah return from London. Stay tune.


  1. No conspirancy dude! public were lied by Genneva.

    Law never care who is the chairman dude!

    Wait for the Press Conference soon the findings out.No one above the Law. Public interest does matter.

  2. Here is the one issue I have with this entire episode, why can't BNM give out a concrete reason for the raid? Law in Malaysia can be twisted friend. So who authorized the raid and based on what? Because till now people are still asking what is wrong and what is the reason. There is no clear definite evidence that Geneva is guilty. If there is show me the link stating that?


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